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Adult Education Project - Kenya

Project Organization

UFALME Community Organisation

Project Location

Kenya is a regional hub for communication, trade and finance in East Africa having the best infrastructure and most trained personnel. Its ports supply neighboring countries of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda. It is home to abundant and varied wildlife and boasts several reserves. However, Kenya faces developmental issues which include environmental degradation, periods of drought followed by flooding, over-reliance on low-value primary goods, inadequate social services such as education and medical care, insufficient physical infrastructure and political corruption. The population is very young with half of the nearly 37 million persons below the age of 19.

Project Description

The project, through the Reformation School, offers adult primary and secondary school education to persons between 18 and 30 years of age who missed the opportunity to participate in mainstream schooling. The project works in tandem with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Gender, Sports and Social Services.

Project Rationale

A survey was conducted which showed that over 60% of the youth in the Juja (Thika District) and Kasarani (Nairobi) areas are school dropouts, largely due to financial inability to pay school fees.

Project Activities

The project offers Basic Literacy skills to those who are illiterate followed by a Post Literacy programme for those who complete Basic Literacy and would like to improve their communication skills and general knowledge. Non-Formal Education is conducted for those adults who are literate but never completed primary or secondary school. They are taken through the normal syllabus and then sit national examinations and are awarded either the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education or the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. Apart from the regular syllabus, participants also benefit from extra-curricular activities, counseling and mentorship, and career guidance and life and interpersonal skills training.

Project Impact

The Reformation School was started in March 2006 and currently has 56 students enrolled. It has injected new hope to what was previously a hopeless situation for many, condemned to go through life either illiterate or without the possibility of career advancement. Apart from knowledge, students have gained confidence and life skills that are immediately relevant to relieving their social and economic issues.