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There are currently 50 projects associated with EMPOWER located in over 10 countries.

Projects are associated with EMPOWER primarily on the recommendation of the Development Coordinator charged with responsibility for that geographic region. Once associated, however, projects are mandated to adopt operational standards which cover areas such as:

  • Accountability to Congress WBN / EMPOWER
  • Adherence to EMPOWER Core Values
  • Strong personal integrity on the parts of the Project Coordinators
  • Financial responsibility and accountability
  • Clear and comprehensive documentation of vision and operating procedures
  • Projects must strengthen communities
  • Evidence of sustainable long-term benefit to their community
Highlighted Projects

Adult Education Project - Kenya

The project, through the Reformation School, offers adult primary and secondary school education to persons between 18 and 30 years of age who missed the opportunity to participate in mainstream schooling.

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Children Welfare Project - Kenya

The project gives holistic support and vocational training to children who are orphaned or vulnerable.

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Community Technological Empowerment Centre (C-TEC) - Jamaica

C-TEC offers training, workshops and seminars in computer technology to all ages and individuals that are willing to learn.

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Family Welfare and Community Health Project - Kenya

The project addresses the plight of extremely poor families, widows and widowers. The objective is to help families acquire the skills and gain the support necessary to become self-sustainable in the future.

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Money Management for Youth (MMY) - UK

Money Management for Youth focuses on teaching youth aged 9-17 years to think beyond their direct circumstances and to imbibe the following values as they pertain to establishing a more viable economic future for themselves: a sense of self-worth, personal and community responsibility, integrity and a sense of industry.

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Samaria Widows Project - Ethiopia

The project was designed to help poor widows out of social and economic crisis by teaching them the skills and giving them the initial supplies necessary for them to engage in self-sustaining, income generating activities.

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Youth Development Services - Trinidad

The Y.D.S. is a Career Development Program which enables school leavers and young adults to access the necessary information, guidance, consultation and training necessary to make informed career choices and to face the global marketplace.

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