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Family Welfare and Community Health Project

Project Organization

UFALME Community Organisation

Project Location

Kenya is a regional hub for communication, trade and finance in East Africa having the best infrastructure and most trained personnel. Its ports supply neighboring countries of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda. It is home to abundant and varied wildlife and boasts several reserves. However, Kenya faces developmental issues which include environmental degradation, periods of drought followed by flooding, over-reliance on low-value primary goods, inadequate social services such as education and medical care, insufficient physical infrastructure and political corruption. The population is very young with half of the nearly 37 million persons below the age of 19.

Project Description

The project addresses the plight of extremely poor families, widows and widowers. The objective is to help families acquire the skills and gain the support necessary to become self-sustainable in the future.

Project Rationale

Poor families kept presenting themselves to the UFALME Community Organisation asking for help. At first, the project would source basic items of food and clothing for distribution. But it was later decided that teaching the people – mostly widows – to become self-reliant was a better alternative.

Project Activities

Support group for PLWHA (People Living With HIV/AIDS) offers counseling and group therapy, nutritional and medical support, and stress management.

Health Awareness Forums ensures that community members are better able to care for their health.

Capacity Building Initiative “Mavuno yako” has trained 50 women in skills such as bead work, handicrafts and selling groceries.

Training, counseling and consultative services such as small and medium entrepreneurship management, business start-ups and book-keeping, life skills and peer counseling are offered to community members.

Project Impact

Beyond moving families from begging for survival to being able to provide for their basic needs, the project has re-kindled hope in the lives of all affected within the Juja and Kasarani constituencies.