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EMPOWER Philosophy

EMPOWER Development is an active synergy of community development projects initiated by residents from communities all across the earth. Project coordinators are members of the local community who are acutely aware of neighborhood needs and are able to identify appropriate, sustainable solutions.  EMPOWER Development collaborates with coordinators to build project capacity and scale up the project’s impact to national and global levels.

Practically, EMPOWER networks small, emerging projects together, that would otherwise remain isolated and under-resourced.

EMPOWER seeks to:

  • Identify and disseminate best practice
  • Work with projects to build strong management systems
  • Develop solid monitoring and evaluation practices
  • Ensure that individual projects are effective, strategic and have the greatest impact possible
  • Expand projects to affect whole communities and nations

EMPOWER projects are carefully designed to ensure sustained, escalating, beneficial impact across the entire community. Each project is strongly focussed on the discovery, development and use of skills and creativity already resident within community members.